Bill Thompson, Democrat for Sheriff

on Being The Police

When someone calls the police, it is because he or she needs the kind of help that only police can provide.  Sometimes the caller needs the officer to take a report of a car crash, call a tow truck or simply provide a safe place to wait out of the rain for a ride.  Other times the caller needs more serious assistance like assurance during the aftermath of being a crime victim, comfort  during the feelings of violation that come after a stranger has been in their home and gone through their personal belongings…possibly taken something that is irreplaceable.  Sometimes it’s a life altering moment, like the emotional, psychological, or even physical change that comes from violent crime, or the unexpected death of a friend or family member.

These are intensely personal moments that people in need share with the officer, a complete stranger.  For 35 years, that stranger has been me on many occasions.  I feel privileged that the people I have been called to assist have had the trust to share their stories with me.  From these moments, I have developed a much deeper understanding that the time I spend with a victim can be life-changing.   I realize that from the annoyance of a child’s bicycle stolen from the yard to the devastation of loss of life;  each person’s story matters.  Each person’s story deserves respect and professional service.

Policing is both difficult and rewarding, and everyone who has ever done it knows that sometimes it is needed the most where it is wanted the least.  It takes dedication and common sense, at times it takes a sense of humor, and it always takes compassion and empathy. Policing is hard, good policing is harder, and the people of St. Joseph County deserve good policing.  I know what good policing is; how to get it, and how to keep it.  Policing is a foundational part of the community, and to do it right takes a skilled and committed team of professionals, the kind of team I’ll build as your next Sheriff.

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