A message of appreciation from

Bill Thompson

While the results of the primary were not what I had hoped for, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who supported our efforts, took time to say hello at any of the events of the primary season, or asked a tough question at a candidate forum or debate. Your involvement in the process rasied the level of the discussion, and your interest can't help but enhance the future of the Office of Sheriff, and that of the St. Joseph County Police.

For those that supported us directly with your time, your money, and your words to family and friends, a simple "thank you" seems woefully inadequate. I was deeply touched by the support, the hard work, and the unwavering confidence you had in me, and what we tried to accomplish. Please know that I will carry that gratitude with me for the rest of my life.

Finally, for everyone who chose to honor me with the most precious gift that a democracy can bestow, your vote, I am grateful beyond words.

I would like to leave you with a story from the primary; during the afternoon on election day, I had occasion to talk to a reporter who was covering the Sheriff's race. She asked a question I hadn't heard before; what was I going to do if I didn't win. After months (okay, years) of thinking about it the other way, the question caught me a little off guard. I tried hard to be prepared for whatever questions I got during the campaign, but I didn't have an answer for that one. I tried giving the reporter the usual platitudes about not thinking about losing. She was persisitent though, and asked again. I answered from the heart, and said

"I'll find a way to continue to serve...because that's what I do."

Thank You





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